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The role of education in Turkey’s development 2020-2021

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Turkey is one of the few countries that has managed to improve student achievement while increasing access to education

 Over the past decade, significant investment and reform to Turkey’s education system have enabled a major expansion in participation. The country is aware that its core challenge now is to raise the quality of schooling in order to improve student learning outcomes and reduce the large disparities in performance between regions and across different types of schools

Turkey has the highest level of private spending on universities


“EDU PROMISE” is a brand website developed by the CEO Of Akturk Export inform international students about the higher education system in Turkey. On this website ( students can use the search engine to find the most suitable universities for them by choosing the language, type, city and area of study. It not only includes general information on the Turkish
education system, but also scholarships, experiences of international students,
living conditions, culture and the like. The website is currently available in
English and Arabic,Turkish


Universities determine their own criteria.
• National and international exams, secondary education degree, grade point
average and the exams prepared by the universities.
• Minimum and maximum amounts of tuition fees of state universities are
decided by the Council of Ministers annually.
• Then, universities determine their tuition fees for each faculty, programme
and institute.
• In foundation universities, tuition fees are determined by their authorized

The Research Universities in Alphabetical Order:

İstanbul University

Boğaziçi University

Erciyes University

Gazi University

Gebze Technical University

Hacettepe University

Ankara University

İstanbul Technical University

İzmir Institute of Technology

Middle East Technical University

İstanbul University – Cerrahpaşa

Çukurova University

Ege University

Selçuk University

Uludağ University

Yıldız Technical University
Aims of the Research University;
• Encouraging high quality knowledge generation process in line with
Turkey’s aims and areas of priority.
• Increasing the number of individuals with PhD degree and high level of
research competencies.
• Strengthening interdisciplinary and institutional cooperation and
• Strengthening international cooperation.
• Increasing the visibility and recognition of Turkish universities in
international ranking systems.

A list consisting of 16 universities is created as promotion of Turkish
universities that are most suitable for the realization of internationalisation
strategies in the field of higher education in the short term is believed to be a consistent strategy for the internalisation of Turkish higher education.


In addition to increasing its efforts every day to reveal the important elements of the history of science and the science centers that were destroyed due to ongoing wars in the Middle East, and preserving and sustaining the interrupted
academic life, the Council of Higher Education

which countries ?

Somalia, Syria, Libya, southern, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen


تتطلب عرض الشرائح هذه للجافا سكريبت.





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